Thoughts on the Creative Career (from Ze Frank)

Okay, so I know many people love to claim they are not creative (which I believe to be a flat-out lie), but even if you truly believe you don’t have a creative bone in your body, I still think you should watch this video. Maybe some of it won’t directly apply to what you want to do in life, but the sentiment is this video is so amazing. “If you want to be something, start being it.” So many of us have some notion of what we could do or be somewhere down the line, but we never actually get around to doing it. It’s like the abstract idea that maybe someday we could have it is good enough, until one day even the idea is so painful, we just let it go.

Everyone has genius inside of them. As best-selling author Orrin Woodward loves to quote, “People are born geniuses and taught to be idiots.” We all have the ability to be great, yet so often we settle for mediocrity. I love this video so much because it puts it so plainly: if you want to be something, you should start being it. Not tomorrow, but today.

God bless,
Catherine Crichlow



  1. Rob Crichlow · · Reply

    Dream it … Chase it … Live it. Great post.

  2. Good points raised by this video! I also like the Orrin Woodward quote, hadn’t heard it before. But it reminds me from a song The Winner by Coolio from the Space Jam movie’s sound track. “if knowledge is power and power is knowledge, then how so many idiots be graduating from colleges?”

    The video is also good because it points out that you do sometimes need education before you dive right into things, but the point is to start your process now, You’ll get where you want only by making the first step now.

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