10 Traits to Propel You to Greatness, Part 1

A great friend and mentor of mine, leadership expert Claude Hamilton, recently published an amazing post on his “secrets to success.” Of course, I personally feel like any time the word “secret” is put in front of the word “success,” it must be at least a little tongue-in-cheek,  seeing as how there have been countless books, CD’s, DVD’s, articles, seminars, etc. produced on the subject. There can hardly be any secrets left! Still, I’ve always said (as have many others), if you’re gonna learn, learn from the best. And Claude Hamilton is the best.

Claude’s article obviously goes into far more detail than I’m about to on this first five of the the ten traits, so I recommend you read the whole post on his site, but here’s the gist:

  1. Focus and purpose. Successful people always have a goal toward which they’re running, and a strong purpose that keeps them moving.
  2. Excellence. Successful people chase excellence and are always working to improve themselves.
  3. Praise and encouragement. Successful people are masters of making people feel good about themselves. If you can’t get good at relationships, then success probably isn’t in the cards for you.
  4. Responsibility. There are two choices when faced with any problem: blame others and pretend it’s not your problem, or take responsibility for it and fix it. Guess which one successful people choose? As soon as you pass the buck, you pass along with it your power to grow and get better.
  5. New challenges. Rather than seeing a new challenge as a problem to fear, those who have achieved greatness look at it as an opportunity to conquer new territory, to learn and grow. As Claude said, “humans are the happiest when they are striving.” Bottom line is, if you aren’t facing new challenges, you aren’t growing.

Greatness is within everyone’s grasp. We just have to reach out and grab it. Will you?

God bless,



  1. Rob Crichlow · · Reply

    Great reminder for all of us. Thanks Catherine.

  2. […] couple weeks ago, I posted an article that was summarizing a post originally made by leadership expert Claude Hamilton. Continuing that […]

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