LIFE Business Compensation Plan

I read this and just had to re-post it. Claude Hamilton lays out perfectly how amazing the LIFE business compensation plan really is.

Claude Hamilton

The other night, as I spoke at the LIFE meeting, I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind.  I kicked off the evening with a success talk on the “Attributes of a Leader” and then after a short break proudly shared the LIFE opportunity with everyone in the room. As I stood in front of the crowd I felt both excited and honored to share the LIFE compensation plan. I can reflect back over the past 18 years and how I started my own business journey in a similar fashion sitting in a hotel conference room.  I remember hoping that what the speaker said was true and dreaming of my freedom.

Today I have the blessing and opportunity to play a role ensuring that everyone sitting in those seats is presented with a world-class LIFE business plan.  Few people understand what they are seeing the first night…

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  1. Rob Crichlow · · Reply

    Couldn’t agree more. Not only is the compensation plan good … but we are able help people improve themselves. What would I feel better about, helping someone get a good pair of tennis shoes or help them have a better relationship with their kids, or be a better leader at their profession, or discover their purpose. Let see … a good pair of tennis shoes or the life they have always wanted … not a hard choice. Proud of you! Lead on.

  2. Matt Ambrose · · Reply

    What a great blog to repost! I’ve owned a very successful construction business for 12 years. I’ve been asked to be part of other business opportunities and declined to be involved till I saw the LIFE business. What other business is there out that can help me grow personally and professionally while @ the same time compensating me for sharing the idea with others? There isn’t one…. Welcome to the journey of creating the life you’ve always wanted!

  3. Steve Adams · · Reply

    Well said. The LIFE business has the best compensation plan that I have seen in the industry. The LIFE business is also a win-win concept. It is a great feeling as you see others benefit from the great information, and mentor-ship that is available.

  4. Darren Pezzo · · Reply

    People recommend things all day long, with no intention of ever getting compensated (ever recommended a movie before)? Now we can get rewarded quite handsomely for sharing life changing information with people. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  5. Bob and June Hurst · · Reply

    Claude has a way of putting things that help people understand the topic at hand, which in this case is the Life Compensation Plan. The points he stated are spot on! Everyone who reads his blog can clearly see the numbers fit in the LIFE we always wanted!!! Thanks for the post.

  6. Robby Crichlow · · Reply

    Definitely the simplest comparison I’ve seen. It’s amazing that people will bash something on principle without really looking at the facts.

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