13 Resolutions for Life

Leadership expert and author Orrin Woodward’s book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for Life is hands down one of the best leadership books written in recent history (or ever, but I could be biased). As Orrin discusses below, some of the inspiration for the book came from three 18th century colonial Americans who made a difference in this world: George Washington, Ben Franklin, and Jonathan Edwards. From Orrin’s blog:

Each developed resolutions to live their life by.  Today, the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC)captures the wisdom of the ages into a 90-day program for long-term success, founded upon the wisdom of the ages.

What is the life you have always wanted to live? Many know what they want, but are unsure how to get there. The MFC is a roadmap to help you get there through my new book RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE. Here is a short video describing the process in the lives of these three great colonial Americans.



  1. Troy Gallant · · Reply

    Hi Orrin, I am about to school my soul. Thanks you for the book Resolved. Time to keep score.

  2. […] truth is I’ve been reading about and wondering what my purpose is long before ever reading RESOLVED or taking the Mental Fitness Challenge, but this time around, something inside me snapped. While I […]

  3. Catherine, have you seen the new Resolved Manifesto poster?

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