The Mental Fitness Challenge

UPDATE 5/2/2012 – The 90 Day Mental Fitness Challenge has arrived! Check it out here.

“There’s nothing quite like spring to remind me that I wanted to get in shape for spring.”

Well, winter is finally gone, making way for spring cleaning, outdoor sports, yard work, and lazy days by the pool. And with the arrival of the that thing called a sun (a rarity in northeast Ohio), we’re once again reminded of our New Years resolutions to lose the holiday weight. How’d we all do?

Fear not.

You want it, you got it

Physical fitness programs abound. A new wellness center is just a stone’s throw away. I know my city hosts a health and wellness fair every year, and even sponsors 6-9 week fitness challenges that offers complimentary classes to help whip us all into shape. A few friends of mine go to the local YMCA to take the free courses they supply. And for those that want to go the extreme route, there’s always P90X, or something of the like. There seems to be something for everyone in all price ranges, always a new routine that’s ready to challenge you. But it’s not enough.

Of course it’s important to keep your body healthy. I know from recent personal experience that you’re pretty  useless if you’re not at least somewhat healthy (since January, I’ve thrown my back out twice and been stricken with illness twice- not fun). But with everyone running around raving about some innovative exercise program or diet pill that’s going to help their physical fitness, we often forget that equally important is developing our mental fitness.

What is the mental fitness challenge?

It’s been said that from the neck down, everyone is worth minimum wage. The difference maker lies in how we use our minds. And the mind works very much the same way the body does: when we’re not constantly focusing on growing and improving it, it gets weaker and softer. When we do focus on strengthening it, we hurt. The trouble is, mind pain can hurt a lot more than muscle pain. The upside is the rewards can also be far greater.

So here’s the mental fitness challenge: read, think, and grow every day. (Don’t forget, though, to read something worthwhile.) Always ask yourself, “What have I done to challenge myself today, physically and mentally?”

From LIFE founder and leadership expert Dan Hawkin’s blog, he posts three ways the LIFE business can help you along this path.

  1. Read – The LIFE business sends out hand pick books from some of the top life coaches in the world for you to read and apply in your life.
  2. Listen – The LIFE business produces multiple audios for you to listen to on a daily basis to provoke thought and improve attitude
  3. Associate – The LIFE business provides a format for you to associate with like minded people in a community with Team. LIFE/Team also provides mentorship from some of the top business builders and life coaches today.

God bless.



  1. Rob Crichlow · · Reply

    I have found through my career in building businesses that unless you are growing mentally your results will suffer. What a great time to focus on a mental fitness through a Mental Fitness Challenge.

  2. I have certainly benefitted from positive books, audios and association. The knowledge and wisdom gained through continuing education has been a huge blessing in my life! Great post!

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  4. Debby Crichlow · · Reply

    Awesome article! So proud of you.

  5. Tim Miller · · Reply

    Great stuff!! Use it or lose it!!

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