What is the LIFE Business?

These days, the phrase “the business of life” has taken on a whole new meaning. With the launch of the LIFE business (Living Intentionally for Excellence) from community building masterminds and leadership experts like Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and Claude Hamilton, we’re now witnessing the emergence of an entirely new industry.

So what is LIFE?

Aside from offering us a slew of puns and fun little acronyms (Liposuction Isn’t For Everyone?), the LIFE business, in Orrin Woodward’s own words, “[provides] life training materials in the 8F’s – Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances, Fun, Freedom, Friends, Following. The LIFE TEAM builds communities and drives traffic to the materials that enhance people’s lives in the 8F’s.

Why is LIFE so exciting?

Two critical questions one must always ask when examining a new business opportunity: 1) What’s the downside risk?  2) What’s the upside reward? Bottom line is if number 1 is greater than number 2, don’t do it; if number 2 is greater than number 1, go for it.

“Today with the LIFE business, the downside risk versus the upside reward is nothing short of revolutionary.” The downside risk in a business like this is world-class leadership training from men and women who have achieved all levels of success. The upside risk? “With a compensation plan that pays out 70% revenue points to anyone who achieves a minimum of 150 points of business, the networking game is changed forever.” (You can read Orrin posts on the LIFE business risks here and his post on the LIFE compensation plan here.)

So what’s the meaning of LIFE? (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

What the LIFE business means to me is changed lives. It’s no secret our nations are struggling in what seems an almost vacuum of leadership. The LIFE business empowers the individual with the information he or she needs to actually take charge of his or her own life and stop relying on others to provide a fix.

From one of Orrin’s recent posts:

“In today’s battered economic conditions, people need real hope for the future like never before in America’s history. Real hope begins with changes on the inside before things can change on the outside.

Call me a dreamer, an idealist, a nut, or even a scam, but I will not cease doing what I know is right! A man with the facts is never at the mercy of a man with an opinion. I know first-hand what happened in Laurie and my life. To not offer the same opportunity to others would be selfish and wrong. I do not desire to create a political community that demands their rights. Instead, I dream of revealing to each hungry person the capabilities hidden inside of them as I discuss in the book, RESOLVED. In this way, they will demand more from themselves, becoming champions without having to demand anything from others, but simply an opportunity to perform.”

There are some amazing things on the horizon. Let’s all run for it with all we have.



  1. Tim Miller · · Reply

    The best explanation of Life yet. Good stuff

  2. Rob Crichlow · · Reply

    Living a life to its potential is measured by how many people we positively influence. Great post on LIFE and Orrin Woodward.

  3. […] wrote him off as crazy or delusional. Now, with the massively successful growth of the newly formed LIFE business and the launch of their flagship product, The Mental Fitness Challenge, it’s not a question […]

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