Is Orrin Woodward Scamming People?

No great leader ever came to be by walking the safe path of anonymity. By definition, as a leader, you have to be out in the middle of the fray, fighting against the odds clearly stacked against you. Orrin Woodward, leadership expert and #7 leadership guru, is no different.

Over the course of the near two decades of growing in business, Orrin has picked up a few critics. What outstanding man or woman hasn’t? To call Orrin Woodward a scam-artist just because not everyone who’s ever gotten into business with him has succeeded is laughable at best. Any person who truly understands success knows that it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Yet the Internet is full of anonymous bloggers just chomping at the bit to spit out some nasty, convoluted story about why they’re the victims and Orrin Woodward is an evil, greedy man. A millionaire out to steal pennies from them?

In his spot-on article about exposing real scams, Orrin Woodward posted this about today’s anonymous online victims.

“In today’s society, people can write anonymously about their victimization, crying about their lack of results, claiming to be scammed from the Networkers…who kicked their butts in free enterprise, while the victims claim it was rigged against them, even though others seem to be winning while they are whining.  If someone felt they were hurt, why not seek out the leaders of the company or community for resolution?  Doesn’t this sounds like the right thing, not to mention the honorable thing to do?  Rather than post anonymously, hiding their identities as well as their real motives, assaulting the reputations of people that they don’t personally know, why not call the community leaders or the company to get the issue resolved?”

The bottom line? Scams coerce participation. You can’t opt out of them. Orrin Woodward himself wrote, “No scam can last unless backed by a monopoly of force/coercion…Free enterprise businesses, like Network Marketing, cannot be a scam; since people are free to come and free to go, they will simply leave and the scam will collapse.” TEAM (Orrin’s leadership development company) has been in business for almost two decades now, and is far from any kind of collapse.

If you want to identify a scam, always ask yourself two questions:

  1. Who is my source and what are his/her personal results?
    Is your source credible, and do you even want the results that person has? If not, why are you taking advice from him/her?
  2. What are my source’s motives?
    Almost everyone has an agenda. Make sure you know the reasons your source is giving you the information he/she/it is giving you.

Is Orrin Woodward a scam-artist? I’d have to go with a resounding NO.



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  3. Rob Crichlow · · Reply

    I have worked with and personally met Orrin Woodward for several years and I have personally witnessed many of my friends and business associates improve their lives and income by working Orrin. A scam implies that someone is intentionally out to get your money dishonestly in a premeditated way. Orrin clearly states what it takes to be successful, has written a book on leadership to help people become successful and clearly is helping thousands of people improve their lives. No hidden agendas. No scam.

  4. Darren Pezzo · · Reply

    Thanks to The Internet, It is far too easy to lay blame on everyone but ourselves. We need to take responsibility for our own success or failures in life, business, love, etc.

  5. One thing I find interesting about a lot of what being said about the TEAM and now LIFE Leadership is that it revovles on the financial success, and only focuses on the money either being made or loss by the participant. Though I have my doubts in many of the online post my question would be what is the definition of the sucess per that couple/individual/group ?

    So if a couple saves there marriage and avoids the popular stats of divorce through resolution… would this not be a success?

    Simply put despite the ups and or downs any one goes through to make it in what ever the definition of success is to them, if you make it to that goal and have other to support you on your way in such a neagative era, how is this such a bad thing to be apart of

  6. JR Riley, I agree with the statement you made about not using money only as a barometer of one’s success. If a marriage or any relationship be it romantic or business is improved as a result of applying the principles taught in LIFE Leadership, then the world is made a better place.

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